The Book!
The Book!

Exciting news this year is my book, The Beginners Guide to Quilting, will be has been published by David and Charles at the end of June!

In the studio shop I meet a lot of people new to patchwork, and often they don’t know where to start.  There are some really good books out there with techniques, and some lovely books with quilt projects, but I wanted to do something that was aimed at beginners.  I had seen people get disheartened with quilting on their first try as they had taken on projects that are rather ambitious.  On my courses I encourage people to make something smaller like a cushion first, so they can lean the techniques and get the sense of accomplishment at finishing it, then are raring to go onto another project, and this is what I wanted to get through in the book.  It is a gentle introduction to quilting, featuring 16 different projects including a needle book, cushions, a bag, bookmark and different size quilts.  Each project uses a different technique, and if they are worked through a number of skills are learnt.




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