New Year Nod

I would write something about New Year here, however it is the 13th, and the atmosphere in Brighton seems to have settled into the January dark evenings and skint wallet effect, so just take this as a new year nod!

If you follow me on social media, you will know that the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a sewing/working issue as my son has been very poorly, and we have stayed in hospital for a while, so things were up in the air.  He is doing well now, back to school so normal service has resumed. A little bit of sewing got done – I always keep a box of fabric, templates, thread and scissors that I take around with me when I travel and my husband popped it up the hospital.  Hand sewing is my therapy, so did lots of sewing at his bedside.
The piece I was working on currently looks like this…

Hexie work in progress
Hexie work in progress
Close up - hexie wip
Close up – hexie wip

and will not be much larger so I will start filling in the edges.  It started as I had about five rosettes from class samples, and wanted to do something with them.  I have lots of hexie samples, so elongated these, and turned them into a grandmothers flower garden.

We also got a day out in London last week, and got to the Knitwear exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum in Bermondsey.  Really enjoyed it, lots to see, but as the exhibits were grouped by theme it flowed really well.  It was amusing explaining to my daughter what I had heard about knitted swimsuits on Brighton beach when my mum was a child!  It closes this weekend.

No photos allowed (unfortunately) but took a photo outside – amuses me how the road sign points to the banner.

Fashion Textile Museum - Knitwear
Fashion Textile Museum – Knitwear

To round off my new year nod, my things (not using the r word here) this year are a sketchbook project I am working on from a history book, to work on my range of patterns, and to be a little bit more experimental in my quilting.  I plan to share the work here over the year, so keep your eyes peeled.