1970s Hexagon Patchwork

Lots on one to one tutoring has been going on this autumn at Studio QP.  I think I have mentioned on here before how much I like this side of my work.  After getting the email or call to book the session, I usually have an inkling what is coming out of the bag, but it is sometimes a complete surprise.  One of the things I love about working like this is that I get to hear stories behind the the reason the quilt is being made.  However, with this session I only got the latest instalment of why the quilt was being made, as it was bought in a charity shop and so its first maker is unknown.

It is no secret how much hand sewn quilts get me all a flutter, so this box of treats meant I almost needed a paper bag to breathe into!  Jess, who booked the session, had bought the patchwork in a charity shop in Hove.  There was a lot of unfinished patchwork in these boxes, and she wanted a way to finish at least one of them into something usable.  We looked at the contents of the box, and decided this was the best one to finish…

1970s Hexagon Quilt
1970s Hexagon Quilt

It has lots of lovely pattern and prints, but the whole top is currently rhomboid as pieces have randomly been joined together.  There were lots of tacked hexagons in the box, so we sorted and laid them out to work out how Jess could make the quilt top square.  The prints are amazing – an assortment of clothes and household textiles.  We loved the way it had been constructed, just pieces joined together, individual hexagons, circular rosettes, and random shapes.  There were papers still in most of the patchwork, a very thin paper, most of them from pools coupons and football results.  We spotted a year, 1977, on one of the pieces of paper.

1970s Hexagon Patchwork - Close Up
1970s Hexagon Patchwork – Close Up

The back is just as beautiful as the front, showing the blocks of colour.

1970s Hexagon Patchwork - Reverse
1970s Hexagon Patchwork – Reverse

The second large piece was darker, and had lots of dress cottons.  It didn’t lay flat, due to odd pieces of fabric in non geometric shapes being pieced in.  The fabrics are wonderful though.

1970s Hexagon Patchwork Top
1970s Hexagon Patchwork Top

There was a piece cut out of one side, for another project.  As this piece of patchwork will not lay flat, Jess is planning to do this with the rest of it – to cut into it to make pieces to cover a footstool or something similar.

Patchwork with cut out
Patchwork with cut out

There were also these experimental pieces (I did say this box was FULL of treats!).


It was a pleasure to work on this project, and Jess is going to come back when it gets to the quilting stage.  I can’t wait to see the quilt develop, and am so pleased that it did not get thrown away, and was bought by someone who is going to work on it to make something to be used in the home.


Charity coffee morning – this Saturday!

This Saturday we are holding our second coffee morning in support of Maternity Worldwide.  The Brighton based charity works in developing countries to ensure women have access to maternity care – you can find out more about their amazing work here.

As well as tea, coffee and cake, Debbie who used to run the knitting shop up the road from QP will be selling some knitting books, and I will be making a donation to the charity from sales on the day.  I am also hoping to have my autumn course schedule available for those who fancy coming on a course after the summer.

Fingers crossed we will raise at least £80 as this sponsors a trainee midwife in Africa for a month – how amazing would that be?!

Maternity Worldwide Poster QP

May 2014 Open Studio – demos and make and takes

In Bloom - image by Fiona Sewgirl
In Bloom – image by Fiona Sewgirl

We are opening again this year as part of the Artists open houses, with the theme of “In Bloom”.

There will be some work for sale by 6 Sussex based designer/makers, and for the first time we will be having demonstrations and make and takes (a small charge will apply for these).  Our schedule is below – if you would like more information get in touch.  Hope to see you there!

Open first four weekends in May, 11 till 5 and Thursdays 12 till 5
Demonstrations and make and takes (small charge applies) each weekend
3rd and 4th May Needlefelting with Valerie Evans

9th and 10th May – Simple patchwork with Suzanne Fisher

and long arm quilting info with Carolyn Clark

17th May – Flower stitched cards with Elizabeth Betts

18th May- Applique lavender bags with Fiona Sewgirl

24th May- Bloom Jute bags with Anita Quirky Genius

25th May- Flower corsages with Elizabeth Betts and Fiona Sewgirl

For more details contact liz@quilty-pleasures.co.uk/01273 563032

Seaside Hen Quilt

Urgh, it is so grey, rainy, dark outside…it is good to have memories of bright days and sunshine!

This hen quilt was made in August, and is the first one I have ever done with a group the night before the wedding.  I was slightly nervous that things might be fraught – nail varnish disasters , guests missing trains etc, but I encountered a lovely group of very relaxed (and creative) ladies ready for an evening of wine, nibbles and sewing.
The wedding was beach themed (what a great idea!), so the quilt was designed to fit in with this.  I love the variety of motifs in the squares…

Seaside Hen Quilt
Seaside Hen Quilt
Love the cloud on this one
Love the cloud on this one
Postcard - Wish you were here?
Postcard – Wish you were here?
Love Fish
Love Fish

Subversive Design at Brighton Museum

My friend Karen and I popped into the new exhibition at Brighton Museum last night.  It made a contrast to our last visit – much more relaxing with no little people in tow.


I wasn’t sure what to expect but had seen the names Vivienne Westwood and David Shrigley mentioned on the publicity, so was keen to go and have a look.  What I will say is, it is amazing – go GO!  The exhibits on display use a really good variety of medium – glass, ceramics, textiles, paper.  It was great going with a friend as the work is designed to get a reaction, so we could chat and chuckle, and point things out to each other.  It is certainly not an exhibition where I would imagine people walking round on their own with a blank expression on their face.  We felt Brighton is the perfect place to hold an exhibition on subversive design, as it is known for things like…


(grainy photo taken in the Brighton galleries on our way out last night, we are sooo subversive – I went to teach patchwork and Karen straight home to the family!).

There is a really good selection of textiles on show, including wall paper, home furnishings and clothing.  Personal highlights were a quilt by Michele Walker, embroideries by Julian Walker and an amazing patchwork outfit worn by Leigh Bowery.

The museums literature says: “Subversive Design explores how designers, makers and manufacturers react to the world around them, playing with form, function and materials to create objects that provoke and amuse”.

But that’s all I’m going to say here.  Go and look for yourself – it is on till March.  Click here for more details.

Quilty Pleasures Piccies

I took some photos at work last week, and thought I would share them here…

Outside View
Outside View 

One window has washing lines of Moda essential dots in different colours, and the other has chalk pen written on it saying “Quilt Studio”.  My other window usually has a quilt in it – this one in the background is my modern 4 block.

Peek in the studio/shop
Peek in the studio/shop 

We have 3 washing lines of fat quarters going across the ceiling

Another peek inside QP
Another peek inside QP

Wish I have straightened the Kate Spain Jelly Roll race quilt up!  It is covering my boxes of workshop samples.

Pretty shelf in window - Liberty doll quilt is from my book
Pretty shelf in window 

Liberty doll quilt is from my book

A little recap…

In case you are new to Quilty Pleasures, my little business is a small studio/shop that specialises in patchwork and quilting.  Lots of quilty activity is done from the Brighton base.  There are a wide range of quilting supplies available to buy, workshops and parties are run, and it is where I do my writing and prepare talks.  As well as selling online and at events, visitors are welcome Thursdays 12 – 5, and other times by arrangement.

QP has been running for over 3 years which is scary – some days it doesn’t seem that long, and others it feels like decades!  The layout owes a lot to Ikea, and the shop fitting skills of my dad, and I opted to have a white background as it lets the bright fabrics speak for themselves.