My summer travels – Birmingham and Halifax

Ta ta summer – Autumn seems to be here, along with tights and boots!

I did quite a lot of travelling round the UK this summer…and here I am using my delay leaflets in my English Paper piecing (waste not want not as they say)

Grand Central Hexies
Grand Central Hexies

Mid August was Festival of Quilts, of course.  I loved this quilt, made by Tracey Aplin and called “My Love for Liberty”.  I admired the quilt, then was thrilled to discover I knew Tracey from quilt shows, and she came along to my talk in Canterbury last month.  Isn’t it fabulous?!

My Love for Liberty
My Love for Liberty by Tracey Aplin

Later in August I spent a week in Yorkshire with family.  One of the places we visited was Bankfield Museum in Halifax.  My brothers’ family live fairly near so I have been there quite a few times, and every time I go I desperately want to get some white gloves and and sneak into the achieves as they always have such lovely textiles.

Bankfield Musuem
Bankfield Museum

The upper floor has a new exhibition based on WW1.  Called “For King and Country” it draws on local stories, objects and images to discover what life was like at the time.  All of us found it interesting and thought provoking.  I was particularly interested by the garments on show as well as an excellent display of WW1 embroidered postcards.

WW1 Postcards
WW1 Postcards
WW1 Postcards - close up
WW1 Postcards – close up
Dress from the 1900s
1900s Dress - Hand sewing detail
1900s Dress – Hand sewing detail

Bankfield was originally a private house, and is amazing to look around.  Imagine popping out of this door every day when you need a pint of milk…

Bankfield Museum
Bankfield Museum

While on our travels, we also had a textile day over to Manchester.  However I will talk about this in a separate post later this week as we saw some amazing textile work, so the camera worked its socks off that day!


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