Prairie Strip Quilt Tutorial

Happy Monday to you!  As mentioned in my post on Friday, today I am sharing a free pattern for a quick and easy strippy quilt made from Dashwood Studios Prairie range .  It measures 39in (just under 1 metre square), however if you wish to make a larger quilt you could add a border or repeat the steps below to make more units.

Prairie strip quilt
Prairie strip quilt

You will need..
Fabric for front
Prairie Pink 6in x wof, (buy 20cm)
Prairie Blue 12in x wof, (buy 35cm)
Prairie Yellow 10in x wof, (buy 30cm)
Prairie Grey 14in x 44in wof, (buy 40cm)
Prairie Ditsy Flower 7in x 44in wof, (buy 20cm)

To finish the quilt
Backing Fabric 110 x 110cm
Wadding 110cm x 110cm
Binding 35cm x wof (based on cutting binding strips 2 1/2in wide.  If you make narrower binding or single fold binding you will need less).

Plus you will also need the usual quilt making haberdashery supplies, rotary cutting set, thread for piecing and quilting, scissors, iron…

WOF is width of fabric, and refers to the standard width of Dashwood fabrics, 44in.

A quarter inch seam allowance is essential, as when 5 strips are sewn together the width must be 10 1/4in otherwise the pattern will not work.

1. Using a rotary cutting set, cut the fabric in the following way:
Pink: Cut into four strips 1 1/2in x wof
Blue: Cut into four strips 3in x wof
Yellow: Cut into four strips 2 1/2in x wof
Grey: Cut into four strips 3 ½in x wof
Ditsy: Cut into four strips 1 ¾ in x wof

Prairie Cut Strips
1. Prairie Cut Strips

2. Make a pile of fabric containing one strip of each colour.  Take a pink and a blue strip and sew down the length to make a long seam using 1/4in seam allowance.  Sew the fabrics together in the following order pink, blue, yellow, grey, ditsy flower.  I like to start sewing from the end that is not printed with Dashwood Studios as you can cut closer to this in step 3.
Take care not to pull the fabric through the machine as you sew them as it will distort the fabric.

Prarie Strips
2. Start at the end without the writing
5 strips sewn together
2. The 5 strips sewn together

3. Press the strips, taking care make sure the seams are open, but the lines are not distorted.

4. Straighten one end of the strip (I cut from the end that I started sewing from first as it is lined up), then cut into four 10 ¼ in segments.

Cut into squares
4. Cutting the strip into squares
Cut into strips 2
4. 2 squares cut from the strip

5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the remaining strips.

6.  Lay out the 16 squares, following the arrangement in the quilt at the top of this post.  Alternatively, as each pieces is square you can make your own layout, making sure there are 4 across and 4 down.
Using a quarter inch seam allowance, sew the squares together to make four rows.  Press, then sew the rows together.

7. Take your backing fabric and wadding and make a quilt sandwich.  Quilt as desired.  I used a walking foot and machine quilting thread in a pale grey to quilt random straight lines down the quilt.

8. Bind using your preferred method.

Folded Prarie strip quilt
Folded Prarie strip quilt

If you fancy making this quilt, you can buy a pack containing the fabric for the front from the Quilty Pleasures website for the special price of £16.00.  Click here to order.



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