A tale of dogs and fabric…

Prairie by Rebecca Stoner for Dashwood Studios
Prairie by Rebecca Stoner for Dashwood Studios

Oh the internet – you make the world seem so much smaller.  When I was young I would never have believed that with the use of a machine that I can fit in my hand, I could have sent a message direct to Paul Young or have seen a pic of what Bros were having for their tea.
Thankfully, I use the internet for better things than what my 10 year old self would have, and one of these is to stalk anyone/thing textiley.

On Twitter a couple of months ago I put up a photo of my Dusty and then got chatting to others (as you do, nothing like photos of pets on Twitter to start a conversation!).  The designer Rebecca Stoner then tweeted a photo of Bertie, her lovely lurcher so lots of mutual hound appreciation went on.  I should mention I have two hounds, a 2 year old whippet, and a 14 year old greyhound, and think I am slightly addicted to them.  Toby our old boy cannot handle the car anymore, so has lead walks and stays at home with his slippers and smoking pipe, but mini hound comes out and about with me.  When I next saw my Dashwood rep I straight away pounced on Rebecca’s work, then noticed who had designed it and said “ooh, you should see her lovely dog, I must order this”.  My rep was a little bit taken aback by this, not really the reaction usually given to a fabric range!  Anyway, I chose 5 bolts, and have made a metre square quick strip quilt from them.  The bolts are photographed at the top of this post, and available here my my website.  I will post the pattern on Monday, but here is some hound eye candy for you.  Rebecca kindly emailed me a picture of Bertie, who I think should be given the role of head of marketing!

Here’s Dusty, doing her catalogue pose, with the quilt behind her…

Dusty Posing with Prairie
Dusty Posing with Prairie

..and Bertie modelling a Prairie bandana.  Isn’t he gorgeous..?!  Such a handsome face.

Rebecca Stoners Bertie modelling Prairie
Bertie modelling Prairie



One thought on “A tale of dogs and fabric…

  1. pennydog June 20, 2014 / 3:57 pm

    Well you know exactly what I think of hounds, Fletcher was the greatest dog I’ve ever had, and Gwen is shaping up pretty well now she’s not so nervous, she’s great with Hank 🙂

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