Duck Quilt

My one to one teaching slots are always interesting as each session is so different.  Usually the project is something quite simple – most often help with quilting or binding, but every session is an absolute gem as I get to hear all about the story behind the quilt.  A project I have been working on recently has been especially interesting, and now it is finished and with the recipient(s) I asked the maker if I could share it here…

N booked in as she wanted to make a replica quilt of one that was made for her, by her mums friend, when she was a child a couple of decades ago.  This quilt was quickly snapped up by her sister, and ended up being something that went with her everywhere even into adulthood when travelling.  It is still just about a quilt!  Very worn, but very loved and really that is what a quilt is about – regardless of condition.  The sister was expecting (and has just had a very lovely baby girl – I have seen photos!) and living abroad so the gift had additional meaning to remind her of home.  The original quilt was designed by N’s mum, and I like the duck family motif – a nurturing image for a baby quilt.

Duck Quilt 1 and 2
Duck Quilt 1 and 2

The original quilt is on the left, and this is what we had to work with.  You can still see the stitching is yellow, but that was about it.The colours were a bit of a memory exercise, which the maker and her mum recalled what they were before the the fading.

N is really creative so drawing the templates was no problem, we then fused fabric ducks and satin stitched round the edges (as they were before), using a narrower stitch width for the smaller ducks.  Being addicted to old sewing books I knew satin stitched appliqué was a widely used technique back then, but not seen so much now, so it was interesting to see it come together.  We stayed true to the original and satin stitched through the layers.  The binding is slightly wider – again true to how the original was.

Here is the finished quilt – isn’t it cute?!

Mummy Duck Quilt
Mummy Duck Quilt

The quilt is now in situe in the USA where is looks fantastic in the nursery.  A great job was done, and maybe, perhaps…  in 20 years time another replica of the quilt will be made.

Duck quilt in nursery
Duck quilt in nursery

2 thoughts on “Duck Quilt

  1. jenyjenny May 30, 2014 / 11:29 am

    Fantastic! What a beautiful little work of art!

    • quiltypleasures May 30, 2014 / 3:50 pm

      Thanks Jenny – always a privilege to share someone elses quilt.

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