Baby shower quilt, inspiration and open house panic!


First party quilt of the season, and how lovely is this quilt?  Lots of personal motifs and fabric from wedding bunting were incorporated into this quilt, and lucky me I have now met the baby it was made for!

Baby Shower Quilt
Baby Shower Quilt

The second recent finish is a quilt to go with my squares quilt courses, but also to sit on the back of our sofa when not being used at work.  I bought the vintage floral print to make curtains for our bedroom, but they looked a bit sad when I hung them up – as if they had been hanging there unloved for 30 years.  Now, if we had a lovely minimal bedroom with white painted floorboards etc I am sure they would have look great, but I actually sew in front of my window upstairs, and what with my husbands decks and records in the room as well, it just looked a bit, meh!  Sooo, I have quite a lot to use up so you will be seeing more of it.

It is quite a large quilt, and I did straight line quilting, but only 3 lines next to each seam as I wanted it to stay soft.  The other fabrics were from stash (aren’t I good!), selected to match the vintage floral.

Binding Ready
Binding Ready

Here’s a really quick photo before it got too used.  I quite like the effect of the plains and prints from my stash as they are graphic, so it has kept it from looking too sweetly vintage floral.

Squares Quilt - inc vintage floral
Squares Quilt – inc vintage floral

Last week I had a day in London, and one of the places I went to visit was the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey.  They currently have an exhibition called Artists Textiles which is a must if you are into your prints.  Below are some photos I took.  One of the things I really liked was seeing the fabrics displayed on the wall, as if they were a canvas, but then also in use, such as the skirts.  The button print below was designed by Warhol.  My husband loved the display of trainers and literature from the company  Norman Walsh.  If you’ve never heard of them take a look at their website – UK made trainers, what’s not to like?!  The last photo below is of a quilted coat from the seventies designed by Zandra Rhodes.  Loved the fabric and the stitching – does anyone else feel quilted clothing may be making a come back?

Fashion and Textile Museum
Fashion and Textile Museum

Right, I am off to make stitched cards for the artists open houses next month.  Not getting into too much of a panic about it, but boy has it has crept up..!




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