Recent happenings…

Been busy busy busy, so haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks.  Lets bring you up to date…

My next online course is now open for registration and if you fancy joining me more details can be found here.  

We had a successful introduction to patchwork course – a really friendly group all now addicted to quilting…


Helped a student with the most lovely hand pieced patchwork at my sewing Sundays Brighton Sewing Centre.  Based on a heirloom piece


We have been stitching and flipping festive table runners – we are binding them next week.Image

I decorated the loo.  A job I have been putting off as it really is as glamourous as it sounds!  I chose some of my favourite Golden Hands covers copied and framed them, then hung them up…



We had our charity coffee morning.  In total £105 was raised for Maternity Worldwide – was delighted with this.  Nicky and Lynne helped make the morning a success (thanks!) and we will hold another one next year. (Photo take while setting up – even more cakes arrived!)


…and  getting ready for the open studio.  I finally bound this poor quilt.  I think I made it about 3 years ago, and it has waited oh so patiently on the wip pile.  Do you know what, it was even quilted, just needed its sorry edges prettied up!  I wanted to have a Christmassy feel to the quilts I had hanging up, and although this isn’t a full on festive quilt it has the right colours and prints.  In case you are interested it is a disappearing nine patch made from a couple of charm packs from the Hideaway collection by Lauren and Jessi Jung.  I am hoping once it is hung up for a few days the big crease down the centre will become less obvious.  This will be coming home with me over the Christmas break.




I will do a separate post full of the lovely things we have at the the open studio.  It is on the next 2 weekends, 11 till 5. Lots of other things to mention, new course list out, new fabrics in…but will leave them for another time.  
Happy Quilting




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