Last week – filming, travelling and lots of quilts…

A bit of a belated post about what I was up to last week.  I have come back and hit the ground running so to speak, with a week of quilty workshops and parties.  Mustn’t grumble, it is good to be busy in August as this is the month traditionally quiet for quilty businesses – stitchers go on holiday and tart up their gardens instead of sewing!

Sooo, the week started with a trip down to Devon for a couple of days to film an online beginners quilting course.  The experience was really good.  I was pretty nervous, but within half hour settled in, ignored the cameras, and treated it as if it was a workshop.  It helped that the team I worked with were lovely.  I am quite excited to see the finished result – although I would probably have my fingers over my eyes at first.  We were quite tight for time so most of the demonstrations were done in one take.  I don’t think my free machining will be winning awards, and I have learnt that being under lots of lights means hot fingers which then means slippy fingers when quilting.  However, these are minor, considering there was a chance I could have just stalled when having a camera pointed at me!  We also won’t mention the way I held up my middle finger to the camera to show the thimble on it 😉 That will definitely be cut from the finished article!

I think (although obviously I am biased!) the course content is brilliant.  It covers buying fabric, English paper piecing hexagons, using a rotary cutter, piecing squares, making half square triangles, a bit of appliqué, hand quilting, straight line machine quilting, free motion quilting, and two types of binding.  There are also 6 projects, which include a quilt, a wall hanging and a needle book.  As I said, quite a lot to cover and gives students a comprehensive introduction into the world of patchwork and quilting.

Here is a photo of me doing the intro…


I love the journey down to Devon, and got a prime seat on the right side of the train going there and back.  The views look like this…


and were my consolation, as I was surrounded by people going on their holidays to places such as St Ives, while I was going to be working indoors.  I would have stayed on a couple of days after if it had not been for a little quilt show…

So, after a tricky South West Trains journey back from Devon, I then had a day at home before heading back to the station and going to Birmingham for… Festival of Quilts!

I have worked out it is the 7th year I have been, and for the last 3 I have stayed in central Birmingham.  I went with my mum and daughter this year, and we had a couple of evenings out in Birmingham (well, dinner out and back by 9.30) and went shopping.  I did an hours book signing on the Saturday, and it was good to see some familiar faces pop by, especially a few quilty friends who I don’t get to see that often due to distance.  My daughter did the children’s workshops which were really good, time – postcards in the morning, then a Christmas table mat in the afternoon.


I didn’t take that many photos as I was busy looking round, but if you want to see some, there are some good blog posts on the intarwebs…

Herehere and this post also links to a page of quilt photos on Flickr

I did a little bit of shopping (how can you not).  I bought some puffy wadding – I really fancy doing a puffy tied or button quilt, a bit like an eiderdown.  I also got some fabric from my favourite Festival of Quilts fabric stall.  Seeing reps, and stocking fabric, means I am always looking for something a bit different when I am there.  Being a print addict, I love the designs of the fabrics on this stall. I bought some of this rather lovely fabric, now what to do with it..!



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  1. pennydog August 17, 2013 / 7:12 am

    Oooh it looks like Craftsy!

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