Quilty Pleasures Piccies

I took some photos at work last week, and thought I would share them here…

Outside View
Outside View 

One window has washing lines of Moda essential dots in different colours, and the other has chalk pen written on it saying “Quilt Studio”.  My other window usually has a quilt in it – this one in the background is my modern 4 block.

Peek in the studio/shop
Peek in the studio/shop 

We have 3 washing lines of fat quarters going across the ceiling

Another peek inside QP
Another peek inside QP

Wish I have straightened the Kate Spain Jelly Roll race quilt up!  It is covering my boxes of workshop samples.

Pretty shelf in window - Liberty doll quilt is from my book
Pretty shelf in window 

Liberty doll quilt is from my book

A little recap…

In case you are new to Quilty Pleasures, my little business is a small studio/shop that specialises in patchwork and quilting.  Lots of quilty activity is done from the Brighton base.  There are a wide range of quilting supplies available to buy, workshops and parties are run, and it is where I do my writing and prepare talks.  As well as selling online and at events, visitors are welcome Thursdays 12 – 5, and other times by arrangement.

QP has been running for over 3 years which is scary – some days it doesn’t seem that long, and others it feels like decades!  The layout owes a lot to Ikea, and the shop fitting skills of my dad, and I opted to have a white background as it lets the bright fabrics speak for themselves.



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