Retro Sewing Sunday – Gifts you can make yourself

Gifts You Can Make Yourself
No author noted, published by Odhams Press Limited, WC2

Another old book this week, and another one that doesn’t have a publication date.  This one is easier to narrow down though due to a hand written inscription inside the cover.  It says:

Christmas 1943
To Marjorie
With love from

Unsettles me slightly that this ended up being sold as a second hand book – especially as it has such a personal message.

Anyway, onto the book…
It features lots and lots of ideas for sewing, knitting and other crafts such as woodwork.  For example, it doesn’t just tell you how to sew the set for a dolls bed – it has instructions for making the whole bed… (check out the eiderdown – gorgeous)

Another project is this sewing box.  I wish I looked as good as this when I stitched in the evenings – and had these pins… (legs for those of you who don’t do rhyming slang!)


A thing of mine is patchwork clothing.  It is not easy to do in a good way, but I rather like this. It says it is made from “Odd Squares of Silk”.  Maybe a reference the lack of materials that would have been hampering dressmakers at this time.  I love the idea of bed jackets, much more chic than a M&S dressing gown.  (My husband has just proof read this post and has asked if I am joking about liking this, hmm no accounting for taste, I might make myself one as a statement).


I have just finished reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.  Much of it is set in the late 1930s, and the styling of the models and hair in this craft book made me think of the characters in the novel.  An excellent read – I can recommend even if you aren’t flicking through the images in a vintage sewing book at the same time!


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