Beginners Guide to Quilting Launch Parteee

Any excuse for a party here at QP, and this was a good one!  My book was officially published last Friday (28th June), so it was a major cause for celebration!  I decided to throw a bash for family and quilty friends here at QP…

Blooming Marvellous Sangria (named after one of the quilts in the book…) was served in these jars blinged up with ribbon and fancy straws from Tiger.


My Dad made twirling olive pinwheels (again named after a quilt from the book) – these are a signature canapé of his – pastry, cheese, olives and sun dried tomatoes – mmm


No decent party is without cake – and the colours of these were inspired by the colours on the front of the book.  I forgot to bring a plate up, so they are displayed on a cutting board – thought it was very apt!  They were made by Jo from Monkey’s Bakery.


Lots of promo material around (I have a v good publisher!) – see the Brighton thing is emphasised!  It was strange signing books, my hand writing is like a doctors so I took special care to make sure it was eligible.  All the samples from the book were dotted about, and you can see some on the table here.  I loved the way my daughter used the table mat to put her food on.  I didn’t notice as it was so busy chatting, but later had to brush the crumbs off and chuck away the cake wrapper.  All my quilts are very much used, so she is just carrying on that tradition – why should these be any different just because they were in the book!


…and me, early in the evening, with my book, posing with a drink.


Not everyone enjoyed it though – my son look most unimpressed with the social gathering of quilters!


Thanks to everyone who came, cards and flowers made me feel like it was my birthday.  Thankfully the weather behaved itself so it didn’t get horribly crowded as we put chairs outside too.  The youngest party goer was 6 months, and the oldest, well I won’t reveal that! Sore head yesterday though, it started at 6.30 and finished at midnight in the local pub.


2 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to Quilting Launch Parteee

  1. Flying Blind July 2, 2013 / 1:35 pm

    It looks and sounds like a brilliant evening 🙂

  2. Tracey Pereira August 29, 2013 / 10:05 am

    Just found your book on the web! Fantastic and very pleased for you. Hope all goes well and its the start of many more. Congrats! Tracey over at Quiltmehappy

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