MIY Sewing Tool

I am really pleased to be stocking this is a handy little sewing tool designed by Wendy Ward from MIY Workshop.  I first saw them at our open house last month, but they were metric, not the imperial used by every quilter I know (little lie, I have one quilty friend who does everything metric, but she is the only one!).  We chatted about having them made imperial – and taadah, here it is…

MIY Sewing Tool
MIY Sewing Tool

The tool comes in a handy clear perspex version, or cherry veneer wood.  Both types are 4mm wide.

You can use this little gadget to:
* The top has 1/2″, 1″ markings, and the width of the top is 2″ – perfect for marking seam and hem lines.
* The sides at the top have 5/8″ marking on one side, and 1/4″ on the other.
* mark the bias at 45˚ – really handy for sewing strips together
* use the point to poke out nice pointy corners in your sewing
* and with the aid of 2 pencils use the drill holes to draw 1″/2″/3″ diameter circles.

Here is a close up of the tool…

MIY Sewing Tool
MIY Sewing Tool

They are well made, and would make an ideal present for a creative friend.  We have them in stock, or available online.


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