Retro Sewing Sunday – Womancraft March 1977

Well, what a happy seventies scene!  The model is happily eating her melon, while having a well deserved sit down after making her quilted apron, head scarf and chair back.  With a backdrop of wood panelling, it evokes those wonderful nostalgic feelings reminiscent of the tv series The Good Life.


The magazine is from the writers of Good Housekeeping, and it dedicated to everything “do it yourself”.  Included in this issue are recipes (anyone for avocado and crab mousse), Spring exercises, and my favourite article “The Drinker’s Guide to Good Winemaking”.  I like the way the magazine, although from the seventies, has an open view towards what women are interested in, and what they want to make.  The “Better Driving at Night” and “A Food Producing Garden” articles show that women were not just kept in the kitchen or sewing.

The “Cute Ideas for Quilting” mentioned on the front cover are here… note the cool bubble font used in the title. and the french bread holder is my favourite make.  The pattern for it (on the next page, so not photographed) says “it gives your table a decidedly Continental flavour”.  I will add one of these to my make list, if only to see my family’s reaction one weekend to seeing our Sainsbury’s stick snugly tied up its own quilted and bound little creation.


Lots of adverts are dedicated to sewing, this full page one is interesting.  There is a huge variation in the types of fabrics Hartley’s sell – some of them are from Horrockses, Rose and Hubble and Sanderson.


I was tempted to reach for my cheque book and writing paper set to post an order off for the cotton gingham (just 62p a yard) and fabric parcel of “pretty cotton remnants” for £3.20.


3 thoughts on “Retro Sewing Sunday – Womancraft March 1977

  1. paisleypedlar June 10, 2013 / 7:37 pm

    How funny! I have a copy of the May 1973 edition of this incredible magazine. My favourite articles in it are how to plumb in a shower unit, treat dry rot and become a master carpet layer while you knit his and hers lumber jackets! Let’s hear it for the girls! 🙂

    • quiltypleasures June 10, 2013 / 8:15 pm

      Wow – plumbing in a shower unit and laying a carpet, now you don’t see that in todays craft mags!

      • paisleypedlar June 12, 2013 / 7:51 pm

        I know! KIt’s amazing isn’t it. I suppose our Mums were even better at multi-tasking than we are… 🙂

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