Retro Sewing Sunday – Perivale Sewing Silks

A little while ago a good friend gave me some of a late relatives sewing stash.  It was really really interesting – full of a variety of haberdashery from the last 40 (maybe longer) years.

Close of of colour ref on boxes of Perivale Silks
Close of of colour ref on boxes of Perivale Silks

Included in the stash were these boxes of Regal Twist Pure Silk Thread, manufactured by Perivale Mills, who were based in Greenford, Middlesex, UK.  Each box says it contains 12 tubes of thread, with 10 yards/9 metres on each. There are a variety of colours in the boxes I was given, so lots of the thread was obviously bought and used, with the boxes coming in handy for storage.  I wonder if it was used for finishing stitching buttonholes by hand.

Perivale Threads - top of the box and inside
The top of one of the boxes, and thread tubes inside

The boxes feature great graphic design, and the tubes of thread are interesting as they are on rolled paper/card, that has been printed at the top with the colour reference, thread description, amount and that they were made in “GBrit.”  This sounds to me a great idea – more eco friendly than the plastic reels widely used today.
There is a flyer from Perivale for sale here which says it is from the 1940s that features similar artwork.  I reckon these boxes are from the 1960s.

A little bit of research shows they became/were bought out by Gutermann – a name familiar with stitchers today.

I haven’t used any of these yet, and they are in my special project box.  Maybe for a small embroidery project for the person who gave them to me, or quilting – mmm quilting in silk thread.  So far I have only ever used fine silk thread for appliqué, ironically from Guttermann, on a plastic spool.

There is a Perrivale poster at the bottom of this page here Sewalot (and it is an interesting reading on the history of thread).

As always, if you have any further information to add, do please leave a comment below.


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