Retro Sewing Sunday – Embroidery on Furnishing Fabrics

This booklet, Embroidery on Furnishing Fabrics, was published by Coats in 1969.  It features lovely colour photographs, black and white instructions in the middle, and iron on embroidery transfers – unused.  I picked it up for bargain 50p at a secondhand sale last year.  The main reason I bought it is I loved the retro styling of the home in the photos.  This is the cover – featuring that lovely Sanderson 1950s shade of tomato red.


I love love love this embroidery motif – and the styling of the soup spoons and bowls.


One of the comments that annoys me (a little bit) as a quilter, is the assumption that once each bed has a quilt on it then you don’t need to make any more.  I have quilts in the car, on beds, on the sofa and the dogs each have one.  I also like to make cushions, needlebooks, bags, even bookmarks.  Until I saw this page in the book, one thing I have never thought of making is a chairback.  I think they would annoy me a bit, falling down onto the chair all the time, but perhaps with the right sort of interior and armchair they could look cool in a retro way.
The other project on the page I really don’t think would take off these days – the television runner!  I remember the large box we had in our living room when I was a child to watch tv (don’t remember if it was made of wood like this lovely example) and a hand made runner would set it off lovely.  It is funny to explain to children these days, with our thin telly’s that can even go on the wall, that they were so wide.  I can even remember being told about my nan’s cat that liked to sleep on top of the tv with her tail swishing in front of the screen. It must have been warm – maybe she would have liked a tv runner…



One thought on “Retro Sewing Sunday – Embroidery on Furnishing Fabrics

  1. paisleypedlar April 15, 2013 / 7:17 pm

    I love retro embroidery patterns and this one looks amazing! My Mum used to have a TV runner she embroidered years ago on her TV until very recently when it finally expired – the TV not the runner, no idea where that went!

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