Summersville Case

Are you one of those people who stand in the queue in the supermarket, and wonder what the person in front is cooking from the ingredients in their trolley?  I know I am, and I am the same with fabric.  When customers come into the studio I often get to see their project all along the way, from choosing the fabric, to thread colour for quilting, type of binding etc so find out what the materials will be used for.  I don’t get the same feedback from internet orders, the fabric goes in the envelope and off it goes so I love it when I hear what it has been used for.

Barbora in France sent me photos of her project using Summersville.  I am rather jealous of the lovely trunk she now owns, so immediately asked for permission to share the piccies here.

Her trunk originally looked like this…


A bit of tweaking it now looks like this


I am rather envious of it.  Doesn’t it look fab?

You can find more about her at her website


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