So what did I do this summer…

Well, this post is a bit late considering the summer feels like it is well and truly over (if last nights rain is anything to go by)!  I have been working on the BIG quilt project, which is due out in Summer 2013.  Very very exciting, but when you add kiddies into the mix, the summer has been hectic!

Festival of Quilts
I had just a day there this year, and took my daughter with me.  She did the children’s workshops (highly recommended!), while I got to look round.  It is always special to see so many quilts under the same roof, and what I like about the quantity is that there is something for everyone.  Having 2 hounds, we both loved this quilt

and the maker Kerry (Pennydog) did a really good post about the festival… so go visit her blog.

After FoQ we went to Leeds.  I have family near there so have been there a lot over the last 10 years, and always end up going for a cuppa in the tiled room at Leeds Art Gallery –

If you love hexagons, then this is the room for you!

The room

One of the arches in the ceiling

and a close up

…and the tiled walls (this is a bad iphone photo, the tiles are all different aqua colours – gorgeous)

Both my children had birthdays in the holidays, key ones as they have gone onto their next schools.
My daughter and I made a rainbow cake.  Brilliant to do – just make a vat of cake mix, then divide it equally between 6 bowls.  Mix different colours into each, then bake them.  After they have cooled put a layer of butter cream icing between each layer, then cover the outside with it.  I added multi-colour sprinkles onto the outside.  It was a relief when we cut it and we saw it worked!  Again, quick photo as I was entertaining lots of children at the time!  (Offered my son the same kind of cake in different blues, but he told me it was naff…).

Finally, we have a new addition.  Some of you know we have a 12 year old retired greyhound.  At the end of the summer we got Dusty, our baby whippet.

With a liking for balls of perle cotton thread and off-cuts of wadding she is definitely a sewing dog!

I have been taking photos of our Christmas fabrics, so posting will be back to normal next week, with lots fabric with a sprinkling of sewing featured on here.

Happy Quilting x


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