Pressie for the teacher…

I have been so lucky this year with my children’s teachers – they have been wonderful, so it was important to give them end of term presents which are personalised to them.  My son requested I made his teacher a 3d Darth Vader head cushion as a end of term gift, as that is a (non school!) subject he liked to talk to her about.  Although impressed at his confidence in my making skills I went to the Lego store to get a Darth Vader keyring – far more useful!  (I have Lego Hermione on my keys).

My daughter wanted to make a more usual shaped cushion so we got the fabric pens out.  The cushion front is backed with wadding and has some hand quilting on it, the back is pink envelope style.  The picture is below – the dog is saying her message.  I hope it keeps her teacher comfy on her chair for her new class in September.



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