Busy Weekend

Wow, it was a busy weekend.  Firstly we did a stand at the Make It day which was part of the Science Festival on Sunday.  We made quilted Fibonaci inspired coasters with lots of children (and a few adults).  It was a good, but tiring, day.  The Bighton Belles WI had a fab cake stall where they iced the periodic table on cup cakes…photo here.

Then on Monday I went up to the Stitches trade show with Debbie from Purl www.purl-brighton.co.uk.  I went in 2010, but skipped last year so was keen to see what’s new.  We had a good journey up there (did the school run first) and took it easy walking round the show.  It was great going together as I got to look at yarn (not sure she agreed with the lime green merino I took to) and she got to look at fabrics (had to keep telling her I don’t do muted).  Our strategy worked, with a walk round first, then a cup of tea to calm down a bit before going back in to order.  There are a few exciting products which will be coming in soon, however, as much as I love my habby fabric is my passion.
The highlight was seeing the Art Gallery Fabrics in the flesh (so to speak!).  The colours are amazing and what also set my pulse racing where the colours of the machine quilting thread had been matched to the Art Gallery fabric range by Pat Bravo.  When you like to work in bright colours it can be annoying that many machine quilting threads are quite dull.  I have used rayon on wall-hangings before to get that “pop” colour, so it was exciting to see it in 100% cotton.  I have samples of the Poetica range in case you want to pop in to have a look.  We hope to get them in later in the Spring – watch this space!
The journey back was also good, although not sure the late night Prosecco and Subway dinner on the train was the most healthy one on my diet!

Here is a link to the Art Gallery Fabrics video to go with the Poetica range – the last fabric is my favourite.


2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

  1. Sarah@PingsAndNeedles February 22, 2012 / 9:55 pm

    I came down with a ghastly cold/chest so couldn’t come to the science do … wish I had … I’d have eaten my way through the elements!

    Lovely post about Stitches … yes those art gallery fabrics are amazing!

    Have you thought about stocking some Aurifil thread?? I really wouldn’t piece with anything else now … it’s like silk/butter/heaven on a spool. Alex Veronelli is a nice chap too … find him on twitter.

    Hope to see you soon … off to Bletchley this weekend (squeee!) I’ll come and tell you all about it … xxx

    p.s. did you see my finished giant swoon block with those lovely kate spain’s I bought from you?


    • quiltypleasures February 22, 2012 / 10:29 pm

      Hope you enjoyed your brief half term last week!
      I’ll have a look into it – are the colours good? I want zing a zing zing (plus some less offensive ones for those with more refined taste!). I tend to piece with cotona at the mo which I like – quite fine, but I want to re-jig my machine quilting threads.
      I’ll put a link to your blog post on the facebook tomorrow if that’s ok?
      Have fun in Bletchly, I’m sure you’ll get some lovely comments and come back proud – Festival of Quilts for you next…

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