Charm Commission

I don’t get a lot of time to work on commissions at the moment, and refer most of the requests onto other local quilters.  However I did make up one commission last month.  The customer, a really lovely lady, came in asking for a large single bed quilt to be made.  It was to be a bed runner for her king size bed, but also large enough to cover a single if needed (great idea don’t you think?).   She just wanted a very simple design and was more concerned about the fabric used than the style of quilt, as she wanted it to go with her wrought iron bed.  We picked out charm packs she liked (Luna Notte), and fabric for the border and backing and so I ran this up…

It was quilted by Carolyn Clark, a long arm quilter who lives in a village just outside Brighton.  She doesn’t have a website, but if you want more details on the services she offers contact me.  It was the first time I have used a long arm quilter and can see how it can get addictive, especially for someone like me who finds no pleasure in basting.  I wanted to use a contrast binding and feel the cream rosebud fabric works well, but also isn’t too light to make it hard wearing.
One of the things I like when I make quilts for other people is the opportunity to use fabrics I wouldn’t usually choose.  I love the fabrics in this quilt, but would not have chosen to use them to make something for myself (they are far too muted and classy!).

The back is a small scale floral to go with the bed and furnishings.

She was delighted with it, I love happy customers!


2 thoughts on “Charm Commission

  1. Flying Blind January 7, 2012 / 9:46 pm

    Oh that’s a really sweet quilt Liz, not surprised she was thrilled x

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