Amy Butler Speedy Quilt

When we do non quilty events we always get comments from people (who go misty eyed) who say “oh if I had the time and patience”.  As a modern quilter this does annoy me.  You only have to look at the crowds at quilt shows to realise that most quilters (myself included) do not have the patience!  We like quick methods and nifty short cuts – you only have to look at the popularity of jelly rolls and charm packs to see that.
When I opened the shop I thought I would be sewing everyday (much like I thought when I had children I would be dreamily sewing all day too!).  Hence the much of my current work is like the quilt below.  This was an extremely quick quilt to make.  All it top uses is 6 x 20cm strips of fabric from the bolt stitched together.  I then trimmed the sides down so it was 1m wide, and backed it.  The quilting stitch is one of my favourites on my Horizon – it creates a regular wavy line.  At this stage I have a confession…it has taken me 6 months to finish the binding on it.  So when I say it is a quick quilt, I mean it is really quick, if it doesn’t keep going to the bottom of the sewing pile!

Obviously quick isn’t always better – I have been doing a lot of hand sewing recently but with Christmas rapidly approaching it is good to have some swift ideas up your sleeve!


One thought on “Amy Butler Speedy Quilt

  1. Terri October 9, 2011 / 9:46 pm

    Aw, you ‘fessed up! i wouldn’t have told honest 😉

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