FoQ – a bit more…

I love looking at all the quilts at Festival  Here are a few of my favs…

I loved this quilt…

…and I thought the winning entry of the Quilt Creations category was sheer brilliance.  It was a large book, designed using paper, fabric and stitch, based on the theme “birds”.  It was beautiful.  I took a couple of photos but you get a much better image on the artists, Stephanie Redfern’s, site here

This quilt, Prelude, is by my C&G tutor, Janet Twinn.  Studying her course you begin to get an understanding of all the processes she puts her fabric though to get that depth of colour.  She has a book out next week which I would really recommend to anyone interested in art quilts  The new term of the C&G course starts in the autumn in Surrey, one Saturday a month, in case anyone is interested.

and a close up

The next 2 quilts were inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenj.  I loved this Log Cabin by Patsy Perrin.

and on a similar muted theme I also loved this quilt by Val Chambers.

A little bit about our travel plans this year, as I know those from the South are always interested to know how others have got there.  I am rather fed up of the Hilton, as they are on site it is as if they don’t have to try.  I like the pool, but that is about it.  This years we decided to book into a luxury hotel in Birmingham.  We got a good deal on it so it didn’t work out any more expensive than the NEC hotel.  Trains got from the NEC to New Street roughly every 5 minutes, so it is easy to do.  We went out for a drink in Birmingham (police and cricket supporters everywhere) and it felt good to be out of the artificial NEC environment for a bit.  I can definitely recommend it.
Tomoorrow I will post some pictures of the In the Spotlight gallery.


One thought on “FoQ – a bit more…

  1. Sarah@PingsAndNeedles August 18, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    lovely post! Great quilts … love that white sparse log cabin …. and my goodness me that bird art book is wonderful … I had to come back to say thank you for the link! S

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