Festival of Quilts 2011 – Jennifer Hollingdale

As usual, the festival was amazing!  There were some great quilts on show and what I love about the show is that even if you don’t like something it makes you question why you don’t like it.  I will post a few photos tomorrow when I have the catalogue to hand. 

When I saw the exhibitors list I was so excited to see Jennifer Hollingdale had a gallery space, and was doing a workshop.  I straight away booked my mum and I in.  It was a twilight workshop, 5 till 6.30 which fits in well with visiting the festival as it didn’t eat into our viewing time.  She started by saying she works to a concept, not a technique so it was challenging getting this across in an hour and a half.  Her background is in maths, but her recent work uses collage and is inspired by themes such as vintage haberdashery.  She also uses screenprinting  in her work which makes me even more hooked!  To help speed us along she numbered our seats and gave us bags containing everything we needed.  Of course, everyone looked round the room and saw others had bags containing colours they would prefer, but the point was to work with what you had and get on with it (I was very tempted to crawl under the table and nab the bag containing fabric and vintage thread packets on a red theme!).  I think she got the concept across well within the time – I would love to do a longer workshop with her. 

Her are some photos from her gallery…

Her vintage habby collection in a cabinet

I will only post these as these are works I have seen on other magazines, such as The Quilter.  However if you want to see more she was selling a nice folder of postcards of her work for £5 – let me know if you want me to forward over her email.  I have one of her fabric/paper screenprints on my want list, Birthday/Christmas fairy do you hear!  I hear the exhibition may travel, so if you didn’t make it to Birmingham you may well get to enjoy it too.


2 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts 2011 – Jennifer Hollingdale

  1. pkl March 12, 2012 / 10:45 pm

    Please could I have Jennifer Hollingdale’s e-mail address? I would love to get my mum a screen print. Thanks,

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