Travelling, Saltaire and Hungry Caterpillars

Well, this post was going to have a couple of pictures, but the kids seem to have drained my iphone charge – anyone else have this problem?!

The trip up north was good, well the holiday was but not the trip…  Unfortunately the East Coast Main Line decided to stop working on Saturday, when my mum was on a train with the children at Kings Cross.  Being used to travelling by train they walked to Euston and travelled via Manchester.  As I was travelling after the quilt show at least it meant I knew to go straight to Euston and got into Huddersfield about 10pm to a welcome lift the rest of the way.

Sunday was spent celebrating my nieces birthday – soft play centre and Eureka lucky girl!  If you haven’t heard of/been to the children’s museum check out for more details.  The Minster belles were ringing so I told her we had arranged it for her birthday!

On Monday we went to the Saltaire Arts Festival which was so so good (even in the rain).  In case you haven’t been there before here’s a bit of info about Saltaire…  It  is a small village  in Yorkshire, just outside Bradford.  At it’s heart is a large textile mill built by Sir Titus Salt during the industrial revolution.  He developed the area and built terraced houses for his workers and the streets are named after his children, so have names such as Ada Street.  The mill was bought in 1987 by Jonathon Silver, a school friend of David Hockney’s, and the building is now home to a gallery (with lots of Hockney’s work) and businesses.   In December 2001, Saltaire was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  So…this means that it is a lovely place to go if you like art, design and history.  The mill is open all year and is free to get in.  At the festival here were activities for children and a makers fair, where we spent a fair bit of money – our favourite buy was a retro Topsy and Tim badge from  I was really impressed by the makers fair as there was a diverse range of work, and it was all of a high standard.  The work in the houses was interesting, I really like the work of  After exhibiting as part of the 4 weekend  Brighton Artists Open Houses last year I liked the way it was just over a three day weekend, although as my mum pointed out Brighton is too big a place to only open for a weekend.   Unfortunately it was raining, so we have a “weird picnic” in the car (my 9 year olds words) and couldn’t take the little ones to the park there as planned which meant it was rather a whistlestop visit.  We hope to go again next year.

More about Salts Mill
The Saltaire Arts Festival

..and some new arrivals in town.  Watch your fruit and plants as the Very Hungry Caterpillar has arrived.  Andover has re-released and redesigned some of the prints which they brought out 2 years ago.  We have in…

They are £10 a metre, or £7.50 for a 3 fat quarter pack – call or email us if you would like to order.


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