What a busy week!

All this work, and no photos to show for it!  Last Saturday we were at the St Anne’s Well Gardens Spring Festival.  It was an amazing day (once the sea mist had cleared) and we enjoyed sewing with children and adults.  We were next to our friends from Purl who were teaching knitting, so hopefully we have got the next generation of crafters in Brighton hooked!  On Sunday we had our shop 1st birthday party.  It was a great afternoon, and the shop got very busy, but we won’t complain!  The workshops went well, although an hour only gave an overview – maybe next year we will do longer workshops.  Thank you to everyone who bought along cards and gifts – the chocolates which haven’t been eaten yet are worrying my children, Denise I must get the almond and lemon cake recipe off you, Sandra I have hidden the fudge from the family otherwise it would have gone by now, and Terri I will be giving you chilli updates when you come in the shop!  My Dad did a grand job manning the bar and it was testament to his cakes 2 men passing by asked if it was a cake sale (although we may do a charity one later in the summer).  The shop has had a move around and we have some of the new ranges on string washing lines across the shop.  Our new ranges are hung up on them…

Here is the gorgeous Sherbet Pips


Spring Street by P and B Fabrics – loving the white background floral – it is actuall a light graph paper print which reminds me of Lauren Child’s Charlie and Lola illustrations.20110527-112306.jpg

and the Moda Just Wing It range.20110527-112327.jpg


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