Lily and Will Cushion Covers

Making quilts is usually straight forward (although they often don’t go to plan, and don’t ask for advice on a silk circular quilt…) but sometimes understanding the process from books or the internet can be confusing.  One of the “services” we like to offer is a bit of quilt coaching.  This means that customers pop in at each stage of making a quilt – piecing the top, basting, quilting and then binding, and get advice on what they are doing.

Projects are bought into the shop half made, but it is great seeing the finished result, so I was thrilled when Felice emailed over photographs of her finished cushion covers, made to give as a present.  She used a Lily and Will charm pack and some of the co-ordinating spots we have on the bolt, with a mixture of hand and machine sewing.  Aren’t they gorgeous – no one would guess that she hadn’t been making quilts for years, bet the recipient will the thrilled.
(and a big thanks for letting me share the photos)


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