On my quest to stock boys fabrics (aren’t they hard to find…) my latest offering is the space and robot fabrics below.  I am thinking the robot would be good to cut out and then log cabin round, bringing in blues, reds and greys.

If you are not really into space (like me) then check out this Prof Brian Cox spoof youtube clip – BEWARE contains swearing so don’t open near small people or if you do not like the word “foook”.

On a completely different note I went to the Country Living Spring Fair on Sunday at the Business Design Centre in Islington.  Being sensitive to makers stands I didn’t take any photos.  There were a couple of stands which were on my favourites list:

I love the work of Petra Boase had a fab greyhound print

Welbeck Tiles had the most lovely things on their stand

and they I loved these They had a sign up at lunchtime offering deals on the three show bikes they had.  They retail at £600 so even with a discount would have been rather a treat.  My friend also looked worried when I offered her a backie down to Victoria station on the back of it!

We also popped down to Liberty to get some of their new collection.  It was good doing this with a friend as they only sell by the half metre as we each bought some to cut down into fat quarters to share.

Apparently the Christmas Fair is even bigger, so worth a visit later in the year


One thought on “Space

  1. erica April 1, 2011 / 12:54 pm

    Just been checking out your links, -there’s some lovely things there. Love the bikes & had to laugh at the Prof. Brian Cox spoof.

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