Take 2 Hideway Charm Packs…

When the Hideaway charm packs and layer cakes came in I knew I had to do something with them (this is getting a bit of an issue as I feel like this about most of the fabrics!).  I am teaching a squares for beginners course on Mondays evenings which starts tomorow night and wanted to make up a sample using pre-cuts rather than fabric off the bolt.  The course gives lots of options of quilts – from just squares to stacked squares to a nine cut and mix/disapearing nine patch quilt (or whatever you may call it, I have heard lots of variations) as seen below.  As often happens with quilts, the hardest part was getting an even distribution of colour.    I am rather pleased with how I managed to get the red spread across the quilt – lots of chin stroking went on though!  I often take pictures on my phone once a top is laid out as it helps give a different perspective.  If it is really tricky another option is to convert the photo into black and white so only the tones show.

with a border added – looks a bit less naked

and a close up of some of the gorgeous fabrics

There is still one space left on the course – email me if you would like to take it.


One thought on “Take 2 Hideway Charm Packs…

  1. Flying Blind March 6, 2011 / 6:21 pm

    Oh I like! Love the little house just below the centre – nice work.

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