Grey, grey and more grey…

anyone as fed up as me as not being dressed for the weather?  I have forgotten that I need to take a coat and brolly with me at all times because IT NEVER STOPS RAINING!
Still, if you fancy being inspired by the scene outside your window (it is currently 8.45am and I think I am going to have to put the light on) we have some gorgeous Denyse Scmidt grey fabric for you from her Hope Valley range, along with two Kona solids and some matching thread for quilting.

Not photographed here we also have a lovely grey variegated machine quilting thread by YLI which is called London Drizzle.  I love this name – it evokes 1960s black and white films shot in London – very cool and very grey…


One thought on “Grey, grey and more grey…

  1. Flying Blind September 11, 2010 / 8:15 pm

    Lovely selection, would rather look at these than the grey we saw all day today!

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