FoQ Me – I’m excited!

Some of our 1930’s style fabrics…

Well, off to Festival of Quilts tomorow for the day.  If you have never been it is worth trying to plan your vist for next year already – I have driven, got the train and stayed there so if you want some advice drop me a line… 
There are quilts upon quilts to see, as well a traders from the UK and overseas.  As it is a long train journey I am planning to charge up the ipod tonight and baste a mini quilt to sit and sew – fingers crossed that I’ll be able to get a seat to sew!  It is interesting that my views change each year, whether it is my personal taste changing, the exhibition changing or a combination of the two I don’t know but it is very powerful seeing the craft you are so passionate about being highlighted in such a prominate way.  Wonder if the V&A exhibition will lead to admission numbers going up? 
I won’t forget to take my camera – pictures will follow…


2 thoughts on “FoQ Me – I’m excited!

  1. Flying Blind August 21, 2010 / 9:18 pm

    Have a lovely day – wish I could have got myself (husband and kids) organised enough to go – travel tips from here in Worthing much appreciated!

    • quiltypleasures August 23, 2010 / 9:39 pm

      Have put some on my foq post – hope they help! Thanks Liz

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