A Vintage Summer

Bit of a break on the blog…we have had lots going on, plus a very lovely holiday to the Isle of Wight.  We went on a Vintage Vacation which was great for relaxing.  We have been there several times before, but if you have never heard of it then check out the website at www.vintagevacations.co.uk  Our trailer had a couple of hexagon coverlets on the childrens beds which were so sweet I had to take a photograph!

This weekend we went to Vintage at Goodwood, thankfully on the Sunday when it was dry, which meant we could throw down a quilt to sit on and watch bands without it getting too wet and muddy.  Sewing featured highly with the oportunity to sew bags, bunting and even make fabric lampshades. 

We have just had our Perle thread number 8 delivered.  This thread is recommended by Material Pleasures books (if you don’t have either of them then come in and buy one – they are inspirational to traditional as well as contemporary quilters).  The chunky thread is quick to use in quilting (well quicker than fine quilting) and gives a lovely handmade effect.  We prefer to use them with chenille needles as they are sharp but also have an eye big enough to take the thread.  We have 12 colours in and will be getting more to co-ordinate with the fabric ranges coming in for the Autumn.  They are priced at £2 a ball, with chenille needles £1.20 a pack.

Good luck to all of you who have entered the Festival of Quilts this year.  We have nothing showing so will be going to walk round, soak up the sights and enjoy!


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