An Evening of Quilty Pleasures!

My local quilt group meets once a month in Patcham, on the outskirts of Brighton, at the community centre.  It is a large group, similar to most quilt groups – there are monthly meetings where the are usually speakers, sewing days organised and an exhibition every couple of years.  The speaker in the diary for this Thursday isn’t able to make it, so I have stepped in (with the help of a few others!).  We will be taking as much of the shop as fits in the car and having a quilty quiz.  Don’t worry if you are not a vintage patchworker – it is just for fun and there will be some non quilting questions thrown in.  There will also be tea, coffee and cupcakes – a fun way to spend a Thursday evening!
Visitors are more than welcome.  I have been a member for three years so cannot quite remember…but I think it is £3.50 an evening to non members.  Don’t worry if you are on your own as we can match you to a friendly team.

The sun is shining on Brighton today – so why not make a beach bag out of this…

£10 a metre, £2.50 a fat quarter (or you could pay £12,000+ for a real one in Brighton!)

Happy sewing x


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