Book Week Day 3 and 4

Day 2 seemed to get published on Day 3 by wordpress, so I am catching up today!

One of my favourite books which came in is “Making Children’s Clothes” by Emma Hardy which includes patterns in the back and is just £12.99.  The patterns in here look easy to follow, and the photographs are beautiful.  The fabrics used throughout the books are lovely, which makes you want to make them all!  The baby booties (as pictured on the front of the book) are adorable, however my favourite project is the Pinafore dress – I am sure after making this once it will be made time and again using different fabrics and colours.

and a peek inside…

The second book today is also by Emma Hardy and is called “Sewing for Children”.  It is packed full of brilliant ideas for you to make with children, or for them.  From sock monsters to doll’s clothes there are ideas for everyone.  I sometimes find with books that there are some projects in them I wouldn’t make, however all of these are great. 
Yours for £14.99


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